Canoeing / Krutynia

Mazury is often called ‘the land of thousand lakes’. The many lakes are often connected by rivers and streams, which are lovely to sail and the clear water is lovely to swim in. It’s also possible to rent canoes for a day to make long or short trip.

We can recommend you to make canoe trips on the Krutynia.
In the small town of Krutyn you can rent a canoe cheaply. For example it’s beautiful to make a trip across the Krutynia, which takes you through forests and farmlands.
Along the banks of the Krutynia you will find restaurants and inns where you can stop to eat and drink.
Also on your way you can make a stop to go swimming. The water is so clear that snorkeling is also a great idea. From a canoe you can see the fish swimming.

On average the river is 65 cm deep. There are lots of waterlilies, You will also see many dragonflies and horseflies, and many water birds such as mute swans. Canoeing between the overhanging trees is like in a fairy tale.

Another possibility is to let you sail in an open boat with a paddler who will show you the beautiful sights.

The distance to Krutyn is about 45 km from Plozy. It’s nice to combine your drive there with a visit to Ruciane-Nida.
Renting a canoe costs about 40 zloty for an day (including life jackets).


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