On 16 hectares of private land, surrounded by meadows and forest, we offer three wonderful apartments for rent. Our spacious apartments are all located in one building, each apartment is complete and private.

Our administrator also lives on site, speaking Polish and German.
The yard is well fenced, which offers you plenty of room to relax and enjoy your holiday. Feel free to use the barbecue and garden furniture. Your car can be parked in the yard.
Only 50 meters away is the forest where you can take nice walks. Here you can see deer, foxes and maybe even encounter wild boars. People often search here for blueberries and mushrooms.
During the day and night there is complete peace and quiet. At night there is a starry sky so clear you can admire the Milky Way.

We are located about 1.5 kilometers away the small town of Plozy, where are three small shops. 7 km away there is the town Szczytno, with nightlife, restaurants, many large shops and banks.


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